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Welcome to DiaShine®

Whether you’re working with ceramics, resins, nano and hybrid materials or polishing chairside, the ideal diamond paste and tools are right here for you.

 Touted by professionals across the globe, DiaShine’s proprietary formula ensures less waste and superior results in minimal time. This is achieved through combining a unique carrier (binder) with specific sized & shaped diamond particles. The resulting high-lustre finish speaks for itself.

Enamel-like Finish

Comprised of food-grade materials, DiaShine is completely water soluble, while its versatile paste/brush technique allows the user easy access to the entire area. Used as recommended, DiaShine will not remove the restorative material, thus maintaining the morphology and integrity of the existing restoration. The result is an aesthetically pleasing natural, high lustre, “enamel-like” finish which greatly rivals that of a glazed restoration, while producing a smoother finish.

The Benchmark Polish

DiaShine will quickly become your polish of choice for every dental restorative material. Why? Because you will achieve a much smoother surface – a surface that may enhance bio-compatibility with gingiva, reduce wear of the opposing dentition and lessen the chance of surface micro fractures.

 For over fifteen years DiaShine has been considered the benchmark polish by top dental professionals worldwide. But don’t take our word for it. Click here and read what industry leaders have to say.